The Honor Pupil at Magic Senior High School

Episode 13
by Richard Eisenbeis, Sep 28th 2021

So right here we go to completion of the series, as well as the climatic showdown between our young magical competitors with the entire competition on the line. Other than there’s simply one problem: the winner is a foregone conclusion.

To be clear, I’m not speaking about this in a meta feeling. (It goes without stating that if you’ve seen the initial The Uneven at Magic Secondary school you understand exactly how this is going to finish.) Instead, the personalities in the tale are all conscious that Miyuki has a lock on triumph– even Airi herself. Every person having accessibility to the flight spell implies little when no one, not even a natural born player like Airi, can master a completely new form of magic in a solitary night.

So as the occasion begins, there is little excitement. As the various ladies take to the skies and burn through their MP, Miyuki simply out-flies them. One by one, the various other ladies totally lack magic, leaving only Airi and also Miyuki.

It’s here that the setup for an actual, amazing climax ends up being feasible– we even get a never-before-mentioned half-time to the occasion where the personalities have the opportunity to speak it over and also develop tension for the coming face-off. After all, without all the other girls getting in her means, Airi could potentially return to her initial technique– a strategy that enabled her to outscore Miyuki in the preliminaries.

However, despite this best arrangement, the other personalities dissipate the tension rather than construct it up. It is made perfectly clear that there is no reason to do the second half whatsoever, which even if Airi went out there solo, Miyuki would certainly still win. This is baffling, particularly when the scoreboard shows that Airi is routing a mere 9 points, as well as I can’t help but question if this is an animation mistake (It would not be the first in this collection); possibly instead of the score being 49-40 in Miyuki’s support, it was meant to be 94-40. (After all, in the original series, Miyuki finishes with 99 points complete.) As it stands now, the concept that Airi could not rack up 9 points unopposed appears ridiculous.

Thematically, on the other hand, the climax prices better. Airi learns that there are always bigger fish in the sea– but that isn’t a poor thing. Being pushed to her limitations, Airi has the ability to find what is genuinely important to her (her loved ones) as well as is able to explore enchanting possibilities she would not have even thought about prior to. Simply put, competitors breeds excellence.

Miyuki, on the other hand, obtains what she really wanted: a combination of a “normal” secondary school life as well as the possibility to flaunt simply how dazzling her brother is (even if the globe is uninformed that he is Taurus Silver). However more than that, she obtains the chance to live up to the assumptions of all those counting on her. While in the first episode, it was her as well as Tatsuya versus the globe, she has now gained long-lasting buddies and also wants to do right by them. She has actually located a step of joy that seemed far outside of her grasp just a few little months before.

In conclusion, this episode exhibits all the best and worst top qualities of the collection. It is at its finest when it attempts to cut its own course– particularly with the Third High trio– and also fails whenever it simply duplicates what we have seen prior to in the previous anime. In some ways, it even takes care of to outshine the initial, repairing specific plot holes as well as mistakes to make points even more regular with that the personalities will certainly end up being as the story proceeds. Or to place it an additional way, it is a mixed bag of a finishing to a mixed bag of a collection.