The aquatope on white sand

Episode 14

Episode 14, “Penguin Chaser” is, in numerous methods, a callback to Fuuka’s initial days at Gama Gama. We start with where we left off, with Fuuka back in Okinawa, stating her intent to work at Tingaara. Nonetheless, it ends up that she will not be working in public relations, yet rather as an attendant in the Aquatic Animals division, which places her in exact opposition to Kukuru that’s still stuck in public relations. Where this will certainly go isn’t promptly clear, though provided every little thing that takes place in episode 14, I’m willing to bet it’s somewhere great, or a minimum of will be by the time the penultimate episode and also finale roll about.

I said that this was a callback, as well as I do suggest it: a lot of the front half of episode 14 is spent obtaining Fuuka resolved right into her duty as an assistant in charge of the penguins, as well as simply type of generally rejoining Fuuka with the cast, both old as well as brand-new. Fortunately, things aren’t as disastrous as her very first day with Gama Gama’s penguins in episode 2, though Chiyu creates a different collection of worries for Fuuka. Yet this isn’t the Fuuka of the very first fifty percent of the collection: this is a young woman who’s even more confident, and certainly going to push herself right.

Reality be informed, I had not been anticipating Fuuka to be reunited with Kukuru this quickly– I had pictured spending an episode or two with her back in Tokyo before her return. Still, having her back this soon, yet with her and Kukuru’s workplace functions flipped, is interesting. Fuuka as well as Kukuru are currently skilled young women, but as this episode reveals, they plainly need each other’s assistance to expand in their careers. As well as so far, The aquatope on white sand seems devoted in establishing these young women into fully-fledged specialists, even if it might take its time arriving. That’s half the fun of seeing this collection: it’s the accumulation, as well as the slow-moving, steady development of its two leads and their partnership, to make sure that when things get vibrant as well as psychological, they hit like a vehicle.

Now, it’s time I admit something: I do believe that, typically, The aquatope on white sand will certainly not be a yuri series; instead, it is a series that, similarly to Yuri !!! on Ice, isn’t explicitly concerning queerness, however placements sapphic sensation and emotionality as powerful, all-natural, and sometimes, exceptionally gorgeous. That claimed, I think that reading queerness as a platonic component right into the series is equally as useful, which is what I’m leaning right into more because … allow’s be actual, there’s no heterosexual explanation for a great deal of the physicality between Fuuka as well as Kukuru, which’s alright! A great deal of platonic relationships in between feminine people are kinda sapphic, entailing plenty of touching and intimacy, which is what Fuuka and Kukuru show as they both remain to clear up right into their duties. While it’s to be anticipated, I’m glad Fuuka and Kukuru are still such great friends, as their friendship is really gorgeous to witness.

Overall, episode 14 proceeds the really good feelings from episode 13, guaranteeing customers that of course indeed, aquatope remains as strong a program as ever in its exploration of this brand-new phase of Fuuka and Kukura’s lives. While not one of the most plotty of episodes, it is a solid presentation of both how much the ladies have expanded and also how far they still have to go as we resolve into Tingaara and the second half of the program. Eventually, I’m thrilled to see where this collection goes, and advise that if you diminished the aquatope bandwagon at some point about, claim … episode 5, 6, or 7, this is the moment to come back on, though I additionally recommend seeing those episodes you missed out on because the show is great, as well as honestly, definitely worth getting on your watchlist this Loss season.