News HIDIVE to Stream Waccha PriMagi! Anime

published on 2021-09-28 00:00 UTC-8 by Alex Mateo
Anime starts streaming on October 2

HIDIVE announced on Monday that it will start streaming Waccha Purimaji! (Waccha PriMagi!), the current tv anime in TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S and also syn Sophia’s Pretty Collection franchise, on October 2 at 10:00 p.m. EDT in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Scandinavia, Spain, as well as Portugal.

The series will premiere on October 3 at 10:00 a.m. on TV Tokyo and 5 of its associates.

The anime celebrities:

Chinatsu Hirose as Matsuri Hibino
Riko Koike as Myamu
Aya Uchida as Hina Yayoi
Rie Hikisaka as Chimumu
Anna Suzuki as Lemon Kokoa
Sunao Yoshikawa as Kyaron
Umeka Shouji as Amane Sumeragi
Konomi Kohara as Patano
Mayu Sagara as Miruki Amauri
Yui Ogura as Hanitan
Kanae Itō as Tanto-chan
Minori Fujidera as Auru Omega
The new collection continues the franchise’s conceptual themes of track, dance, and fashion, as well as it additionally adds the theme of magic. Middle-school first-year student Matsuri Hibino loves celebrations, and she dreams of eventually being able to star in “PriMagi,” a magic-like form of stage home entertainment birthed from song, dance and style. That day gets here when the hyper-spirited, trouble-making magician Myamu gets here from the enchanting realm as well as precursors Matsuri for PriMagi. With each other, the two take on opponents to rise to the top of PriMagi.

Junichi Sato (Seafarer Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Hugtto! Precure) joins the franchise business for the first time as the new anime’s exec supervisor, and also Kōsuke Kobayashi (Fairy Ranmaru, Idolizer Time PriPara chief director) is acting as the collection supervisor for the first time in the franchise business at Tatsunoko Productions and also Dongwoo A&E. Chi Man Park (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) is acting as chief director, as well as Fumi Tsubota is going back to the franchise after seven years to monitor the collection scripts.

Yumi Nashimoto of syn Sophia is composing the initial personality designs, and also Sayaka Toda is adjusting the layouts for computer animation. Yoshihiro Otobe is directing the CG. Hiromi Mizutani is making up the music, as well as Yukio Nagasaki is routing the noise.

Voice actress Anna Suzuki will execute the opening theme song “Fantasizing Noise” for the program.

Sentai Filmworks certified the series, and also it will certainly launch it on residence video.

The Waccha PriMagi! arcade game will certainly release on October 1.