Love Live! Super star !!

Episode 10
by Nicholas Dupree, Oct 7th 202

If there’s a four-word phrase much more frightening than “Love Live! rap tune” I don’t know it.

Pay attention, this franchise can do a great deal of things very well. As well as with the large quantity of songs, B-sides, as well as promotion EPs that obtain produced for the larger franchise business there are at least a few non-pop Love Live! tunes that have ended up really excellent. “Strawberry Trapper” kicks butt– just listen to that bass line. And I recognize that for a number of factors the Japanese hip-hop scene is vastly various in style and also photo from the US scene I’m familiar with. However none of that gets rid of the fact that seeing this photo sent out a shudder of pure anxiety down my spine at what it foreshadowed for the rest of the episode. I sat through a whole season of Hypnotherapy Mic, and also I’m not strong enough to do that once again.

Thankfully, “Check it Out” just has one scene of Liella doing their best imitation of an edutainment rap, promptly establishing that none of these girls might rap their escape of a paper bag. Sumire’s bars aren’t anything outstanding, yet she’s able to supply them without embarrassing herself, so she’s picked as the Center for the rap-themed prelim qualifiers. You ‘d believe that would certainly have Ms. Showbiz walking on air, however actually Sumire was constantly the dog chasing the automobile, and also now that she’s captured it, the lady has no clue what to do with it.

Truthfully, this was the episode I would certainly been waiting on since Sumire first signed up with the team. I value idol gremlins in all types, however her tale specifically has actually constantly carried some sadness that was always hiding behind-the-scenes of her continuous bickering with Keke. Sumire wishes to be top dog, as well as has worked damn hard for it throughout most of her life, yet never ever quite arrived. So now that she has, at least temporarily, obtained the placement and also acknowledgment she’s wanted, she’s terrified of not rising to the occasion.

What adheres to is an extremely believable portrayal of impostor syndrome, as the Galaxy Lady ping-pongs extremely in between the elation of being facility and the sinking pit in her belly that insists she’s mosting likely to blow it. When you want something with all your heart, the chance of stopping working (again) can be scaring, and it’s simple to convince on your own to surrender before you attempt, due to the fact that resignation is still a modicum less agonizing than failure. And also it’s a ferocious spiral: self-doubt leads to hesitancy, waiting compromises efficiency, and that performance welcomes analysis that further chips away at confidence. This is still Love Live!, so there are some uplifting jokes to keep things from obtaining also hefty, but it’s an exceptionally relatable expedition of how repeated failing can problem a person to give up before they try.

After that there’s Keke. Lady’s been the largest opponent to all points Sumire for half the episode matter, yet watching her frenemy fight with her very own mind, even our Institution Idol ambassador needs to offer her regard. As well as it’s adorable to see her still attempting to not appear great regarding it– i-it’s not like she made that special princess outfit since she likes her or anything, isopod! Extra notably we verify what I ‘d thought for some time, that Keke’s remain in Japan is contingent on in fact revealing outcomes for her overseas idol adventure, which just about guarantees some dramatization in our closing episodes. Present moment however, Keke rejects to use that as justification or reason in Sumire attempting to give up and also play it safe. The whole scene with her offering the a pretty tiara is Grade-A Love Live! shmaltz that I can not obtain sufficient of. With her good friends behind her, Sumire can confess just how much she still desires the prestige as well as fame she’s failed to accomplish, and reach out one more time for it, no matter the risk she could obtain hurt.

When it comes to the track itself– honestly, it should obtain Liella invalidated. It’s a fine track, perhaps my favorite bop from this period until now, however the assignment was to execute a rap, as well as Sumire just barely sing-talking a pitiful 8 bars doesn’t cut it as for I’m concerned. I’m not claiming I wanted to hear these ladies attempt to rap, as well as I’m grateful to the anime gods we at least prevented any type of Iggy Azalea-esque rubbish, yet this is more swing resurgence than actual rap. Some songs can toe a line like that well, but this one feels like a cop out. Likewise, while Sumire looks wonderful with the ojou-sama hair, I actually have to question that listened to “rap” and also believed “this calls for matching princess dresses. Actually, this entire music number is aesthetic disorder.

Style quibbles apart, this is an even more strong significant episode of Superstar that uses much-needed deepness and sympathy to Sumire and also her relationship with Keke. The pair’s dueling personalities have been fun, and I wish that element stays in some kind progressing, but the personalities and also program are far better off being treated with the very same sympathy that’s been supplied to the rest of the group, as well as I rejoice they ultimately have it.