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Kindness for Our Questions

I remember the moment with great clarity. A good friend of mine, whom I had known for a number of years, approached and said, “Sometimes, when I read the Bible, I struggle with God. I see the way that he acts in the pages of Scripture and begin to doubt that he is kind.”Fall For Jesus He Never Leaves T-shirt

I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Who are we to judge God’s actions? And of all the things concerning God, why question his kindness?

God never needs us to stick up for his character — he is absolutely sovereign and able to validate his own heart towards us on his terms and in his timing. However, I deeply felt as if I needed to say something. I sensed a compulsion to correct her misconception of who God is. I wanted to rally her back to the truth of the Bible. But as the words tumbled from her lips, I began to see my own questions more clearly, and wondered if we were in the same boat.