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Freddy Krueger Bucks: The Deer That Haunt Our Nightmares

Fear, panic, and dread are all part of a good haunting in the whitetail woods .Freddy Krueger Follow Your Dreams Shirt

When I first started working for Outdoor Life as a young, junior editor, I had a recurring nightmare that went like this: I’m sitting in a ground blind with my new boss (the editor-in-chief). A buck materializes out of the woods. He has an impressive rack, but a small body—an absurdly small body. He’s the size of Boston terrier. The editor-in-chief sees nothing strange about this and whispers to me, “Shoot him.” So, I draw my bow and shoot…and miss the tiny Booner buck. But following close behind this dwarf buck is another mini buck, so I nock another arrow—and miss that one too. These miniature bucks keep coming and I keep shooting—and keep missing. Somehow my quiver has endless arrows and the editor-in-chief sitting next to me has a limitless capacity for disappointment.