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50 Disney Couples Costumes That Bring Magic to The Spooky Season

alloween may be the spookiest season of the year, but it can also be the most creative. Tired of putting on the same boring couple’s costume every year? A timeless yet recognizable costume idea can be hard to come by these days.Peace Love Frozen Olaf Halloween Shirt

From classic characters like Minnie and Mickey to more recent films—like Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles or Luca and Alberto from this year’s Luca—there are more than a few dynamic Disney duos to complete this year’s matching Halloween costume.

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Some things just go together, including Disney characters! What’s Woody without buzz? A princess without her prince? If you find yourself partnered up this year, there are a multitude of Disney couple costumes that are sure to make any Halloween party nothing short of magical. If you and your partner are parents, you can expand your look to include the kids (if you can convince them, that is). Our list of 50 Disney couple costumes are sure to do the trick—or treat! So if you’re inspired by a Disney Halloween movie, check out these best Disney couples Halloween costumes.

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Disney Couples Halloween Costumes