20 Cat Christmas Stockings Perfect for Santa Claws to Stuff With Goodies

Every day feels like Christmas with our cat’s companionship. Whether it’s their birthday, Gotcha Day, or an ordinary Friday, we celebrate with—and pamper—our furry friends every chance we get. After all, they’re our BFFs who are always there when we need them. (OK, maybe until they hear the treat bag open … but still!)

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When it’s the holiday season, we’re creating new memories and cherishing the gift of giving. So why not make your kitty feel included on Christmas morning, ready to see what Santa Claws brought this year, by hanging a feline-focused stocking just for them?

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From vintage and handmade to budget-friendly and fun, we’ve selected a few of the best cat Christmas stockings for cat parents of all budgets and tastes to stuff with goodies. Surprise your favorite feline(s) with their very own so they can join the fun and have a meowy Christmas!

20 Cat Christmas Stockings Waiting To Be Stuffed with Toys and Treats
WEWILL Embroidered Christmas Stockings
Your cat will have himself a very merry Christmas with this adorable stocking. It’s 16 inches long and has a big opening—making it perfect for packing with all kinds of treats. Made with high-quality cotton cloth, this stocking is embroidered to create texture and a vivid pattern.